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Welcome to Murray's Pond Fishing and Country Club We are sorry, but at this time our website is in the midst of a major upgrade. We have included some basic information and photography on the club below, and if you have any further enquires please contact our General Manager Darryl J Harding, thank you. tel 1.709.895.6585    .    fax 1.709.895.2957    .    email murrayspond@nf.aibn.com

About Murray's Pond, Fishing and Country Club

The Newfoundland Game Fish Protection Society is a membership group founded in the late 1800's. Members of this society conducted business at a clubhouse located on Murray's Pond in Portugal Cove. Over the last 100 years this society has grown and the original clubhouse has been transformed into a beautiful country estate known as Murray's Pond Country Club.

Today members use the clubhouse year round to enjoy social events for both themselves and their families. It is especially active in the summer when all the facility is open and members can enjoy boating or canoeing on the pond and cool off with a swim in the heated pools. Members also enjoy socializing with friends and other members in a private and relaxed atmosphere. As a "member's only" facility you will appreciate the attention that is given to your personal needs and the input you have in club activities. The club is designed with its members in mind and is continually improving to better serve the changing needs of members and their families.

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